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The 5 Best Things You Can Read Before You Start Your New Job at Airports

It’s still hard to be the newbie at work , despite it being something we all go through through in our careers time and again. You will have to negotiate the intricacies of workplace politics and make new professional mates, in addition to understanding the day-to-day expectations of your new job and attempting to please your boss.

It’s too many. And it sounds a tiny bit like a tornado, possibly.

So here are nine things to read before you plunge back into the whirlwind of newness that will help you handle this daunting (but temporary!) point throughout your career.

1- Your Guide to Your First Work Week

If you’re about to begin the nerve-wracking first week, the ideal way to set yourself up for success.

2- Three things you overthink about your new work (and three things you don’t think hard about)

Here are a few things you’re probably overthinking (and how to stop!) to help make sense of all of those nerves.

3- Ask a Career Coach: When I’m new at work, how do I make my mark?

We all want to make a great impression in the first few weeks after starting (and show that we were the right choice!). How to do exactly that is shared by our resident career coach.

4- You can’t blame 3 simple errors on the fact that you’re the new individual

Make errors because it is expected that you’re just beginning. But these three can’t really blame you for being the young kid in town.

5- Excuse me, dumb question here, so what is a 401 K exactly?

Yes, starting from day one of that new career, you should be worrying about your savings! And yeah, you’re not the only adult who wants this refresher out there.

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