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Know how to get jobs and work in Afghanistan

If you are searching for a career in Afghanistan, read more in our article about the opportunities and risks of finding employment as a local afghan or an expat.

We will guide you how to find NGO Jobs and Expat Jobs in Afghanistan.

To avoid further stress, explore the local economy and the leading sectors and be aware of the difficulties and the permits!

Need to move outside?

Organizing a relocation internationally is not something you should do on your own.

As expats, we understand what you need, and provide the necessary services to help you travel and survive comfortably abroad.

Contact us today to kick off your transfer and Employment in Afghanistan Local Economy Afghanistan’s GDP is currently around 34 billion USD. Its GDP per capita is around 1,150 USD. Afghanistan has considerable mining potential.

The country has proven untapped mineral deposits worth as much as 3 trillion USD according to the government.

If that is right then Afghanistan has one of the world’s most valuable mining areas.

A 2006 U.S. geological survey reported Afghanistan had 36 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, too.

Many Afghans rely on agriculture for their livelihood, but this is an extremely important sector

Trade, though, presents some opportunities.

Trade with other countries is currently around USD 5 billion per annum.

Handmade rugs are amongst Afghanistan’s most popular export products.

Antique replicas and furs and leathers are also popular.

Nevertheless, the economy of Afghanistan remains very underdeveloped, with minimal economic opportunities.

Afghanistan ranks 169th

Afghanistan Income Tax

For all income derived from Afghan sources, both resident and non-resident Afghans as well as expats working in Afghanistan are subject to a tax.

Even when expats are paid outside Afghanistan, they are subject to that tax on income.

The first a monthly salary of 5,000 AFNs is not paid.

Any income above that but less than AFN 12,500 per month is taxed at 2%

The person would have been in Afghanistan for the entirety of the tax year (this does not have to be consecutive) or the person for at least 183 days

In the tax year in question, he would have worked for the Afghan Government for a period.

Get Jobs in Afghanistan

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